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CSA High Flow Gas Regulator Assembly fully Accessorized

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Our Industry Favorite Regulator Assembly with 100% CSA-approved components offers High flow with ultra-fine precision controls. Top End rating @ 2 million BTUs per hour handles even the highest forge & foundry burner demands. This assembly has more flow capacity than many other regulators twice its size: It's a  practical, smart, simple design, using efficient, high-quality, safe, CSA-approved components. 


  • The assembly is fit with a standard left-hand Propane Bottle POL fitting
  • The regulator body is fitted with a 30 lb. pressure gauge via a standard 1/4" NPT top-mounted standard fitting conveniently positioning facing the operator (for Venturi or Ribbon Burner Forges Respectively).
  • A convenient ball valve is fitted immediately after the regulator to allow instant shut off via a 1/4 turn speed lever. 
  • The regulator's black thumb dial rivals the best needle valves with its capacity to govern gas flow with ease and accuracy. 
  • The assembly ends transitioning to a Left Hand Threaded 9/16 fitting, allowing you to easily attach any standard propane hose without needing to source an additional adapter coupling.  This unit is top-end, plug-and-play.

Propane hoses (not included) are available in various lengths to suit your installation.  CSA-approved custom-length hose assemblies are also available to order.

Note:  If you need a custom regulator assembly design, please ask.  Our High-Flow Gas Regulators are also available for purchase individually.


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