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Copper Sulfate Pad Powder - Hoof antiseptic by Canadian Forge

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This fine Copper Sulfate powder (CuS04) is finely ground. The perfect format for easy application and an economical antiseptic.  Use alone or mixed with other products.  Use as an aid to control or prevent local bacterial and fungal infections including thrush and white line disease. A little goes a long way.  An alternative to Keratex Putty and Artimud Clay,both prepared antiseptic materials from England.

Topical application only.

  • Sprinkle a small amount covering the entire sole before nailing the shoe.
  • The most effective use is under a pad in combination with a hoof pack/sole filler to ward off thrush related fungi.
  • The powdered format allows you to turn your preferred silicone or hoof packing into a Copper Sulfate version. 

Size Available:

  •  Sold as 4 oz bottle with a convenient flip top lid.

Click here for Copper Sulfate SDS.


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