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Kevlar Fibers for Stronger Equilox Acrylic Hoof Repairs

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Add these Kevlar Fibers to your Equilox (single-use-jar)to help strengthen the mixture for Hoof Repair.

Each jar contains approximately a tablespoon of loose fibres.  Doc A mixes approx 1/2 tsp of loose kevlar fibres per 1 oz jar of Equilox. 

Mix the fibres in the resin base anytime before adding the accelerant.  (Mix with a tongue depressor or similar, as is supplied with our Equilox Jars.  (Note Equilox is available in either a 1 or 2-oz single-use jar, in either tan or black). 

The fibres increase the patch strength by almost 50%.  Note you can cut the fibres yourself from our COBRASOX Kevlar Patches, but they are tough to cut without special KEVLAR scissors.

Note - Doc does not recommend mixing loose fibres with Equilox or using a Patch (whether Cobrasox, Polyester, Spectra or other) because it's redundant, making it more difficult to contour the patches.  He uses Equilox either with the strengthening Kevlar Fibers or with a reinforcing Fabric (Cobrasox, Polyester, Spectra or Other) to optimize the strength and support of the repair.

Similarly, these fibres are not necessary when gluing on a Sound Horse Cuffed shoe, and they are not used with urethane repair products because the curing time is too fast. 

FYI - you can drive shoeing nails through Equilox patches whether used alone, with these fibers, or any of our patch materials, especially within the first 4 hours of applying a new patch.  We'll have a resource page coming soon. 


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