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Roto-Clip Carbide Flat 6 Slot Disc Trimmer 4.5"

This disc is ideal for those with large herds, and professional trimmers. This flat disc comes with 6 interchangeable carbide blade inserts. Each insert had two sharpened edges that can be rotated. 

Averages 100 animals before inserts become dull. The inserts can be sharpened up to 3-4 times before they require replacement. Replacement inserts are available in packs of 4 or 6 and sold separately.

  • This disc has a diameter of 4 3/4''.
  • Comes with an instruction sheet, as well as the T25 screwdriver required to remove/rotate the carbide inserts.

Makes quick work of removing large amounts of the hoof. This is considered Roto-Clip's least aggressive carbide disc. Trims in a way that leaves shavings of hoof material. For a more aggressive disc see Roto-Clip 4 slot Disc Trimmer.

Sold individually.


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