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Capewell SB Slim Blade Horseshoe Nails

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Built with the same City Head design, you can use this nail with confidence when shoeing thin-walled horses. The Slim blade (SB) is also well suited for placing in tricky areas of difficult feet. Works best in light to medium weight horseshoes.

**NEW Slim blade 5.5.

The Slim blade 5.5 is slightly longer and features a slightly wider head and a stronger neck compared to the Slim Blade 5 nail. Added length if you want to clinch a little higher.

Sizes Available:

  • Size 5 =49mm, 100/box or 250/box
  • Size 5.5 =50.8mm, 250/box
  • Size 6 = 54mm

Sold per box (100 nails/box or 250 nails/box).


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