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Ball Valve 1/4" CSA approved. 1/4" Female NPThread Ends.

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 Forged Brass Ball Valves are full port and CGA 3.16 Certified


  • 1/4" FPT (std female NPT (national pipe thread) on both ends.
  • FULL PORT (zero flow restriction in valve mechanism - optimum)
  • Ideal pressure valve anywhere after Regulator for Nat Gas & Propane.
  • 600 WOG (WATER, OIL, GAS)
  • (Steam pressure:  150 psi)
  • CGA 3.16 (Canadian gas pressure rating of 125 PSIG 

Note:  To connect to standard propane gas hoses (using LH 9/16 threads) use the 1/4" NPT to LH 9/16 Propane Fitting Adapter - Connector. 

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