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Jim Blurton Graduated Frog Support Steel Horseshoes - per Pair

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The three degree wedge bar, Graduated Frog Support Front Shoe Side Clipped Horseshoe by Jim Blurton has been designed to assist in the realignment of the HPA. This shoe has a set down bar which makes it easy to fit on a foot with a prominent frog. Used in conjunction with Equimix soft pad material or an equivalent it is an ideal shoe for cordal lameness.

The Graduated Frog Support Front Shoe Side Clipped offers a more stable platform for the horse than a wedge pad increasing the stability and reducing the flex in the foot.

  • They have a bolder rounder shape ideal for flat footed horses.
  • Side clips are standard.
  • The shoe has been pre-drilled with stud holes.
  • The shoe incorporates a roll toe and is safed off at the heel.
  • Unique to these shoes they incorporate pitched nail holes providing a different angle for each nail making it easier to nail on.

Available as part of the Jim Blurton remedial horseshoe range, the graduated frog support shoe design was developed and tested at Jim’s forge in Mid Wales. It has been tested by some of the world’s leading farriers and equine experts, and is now available worldwide online. 

Styles Available:

  • Fronts
  • 2 Clips

Sizes Available:

  • Front 3x0 = 4 3/4'' Wide x 4 3/4″ Long
  • Front 2x0 = 5″ Wide x 5″ Long
  • Front 0     = 5 1/4″ Wide x 5 1/4″ Long
  • Front 1     = 5 1/2″ Wide x 5 1/2″ Long
  • Front 2     = 5 3/4″ Wide x 5 3/4″ Long
  • Front 3     = 6″ Wide x 6″ Long
  • Front 4     = 6 1/4″ Wide x 6 1/4″ Long
  • Front 5     = 6 1/2″ Wide x 6 1/2″ Long

Sold in pairs (2 shoes).

Made in the UK.


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