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Bellota Pro+ Prime Level Rasp

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The Bellota Pro+ Prime Level Rasp compliments the Bellota Top Level Rasp. It is 12% wider (2''), and 10% thinner than the regular rasps for perfect leveling, balance, and control. 


  • New "chip breaker" style on the file side for a smoother outer wall finish.
  • The aggressive side has 8 teeth per row providing an easy cut, ideal for trimming.
  • High grade steel is heat treated to hold it's edge.


  • While wider, it weighs the same as regular rasps.
  • Removes lots of hoof, while also enabling a quality finish.
  • Simplifies leveling.
  • Consistent quality.

Rasp Cut = Aggressive

File Cut = Smooth

Standard 14'' in length.

6 Rasps = Full Box

Sold individually.


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