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Bar Stock Shears

The Steel Bar Cutting Shear is a complete unit meant to be mounted on bench. The set up makes light work of cutting bar stock by just using the proper leverage.

Step 1) Mount the one faceplate that has 2 holes pre- drilled to the side of your workbench with the "teeth" pointed upwards.

Step 2) Select the piece of bar stock you'd like to cut, and slip it into one of the 3 slots of the mounted plate while resting it on your bench.

Step 3) Line up a slot on the plate with the handle attached to the piece of bar stock your cutting, press down (scissor effect) and it will cut.

These shears cut through:

  • 1/4'' 
  • 5/16'' 
  • 3/8'' 
All with minimal effort, and no power tools required. Come with the 2 heavy duty bolts, nuts, and lock washers required for mounting.


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