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Baggett Straight Blade Knife

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Baggett hoof knives are fully custom made with A2 steel that produces a superior blade. The handles is handmade from quality woods. This particular handle has a slight pitch at the blade insertion to ease the required inflection of your wrist. 

Neal Baggett has been a farrier since 1974 working with all disciplines/breeds, and a focus on lameness cases. He took his experience of 'how a knife works' and applied it to making his own. Neal has been making knives for over 15 years, and has now been releasing them to the public under his makers mark for the past 7 years.

Neal recognized that it is impossible to have one knife that suits everyone, so he went about making them fully customizable. He offers 4 different handle profiles, and a number of adaptable working blades.

Available Styles:

  • Left Hand
  • Right Hand

Made in the USA by Neal Baggett.

Sold individually.


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