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BADER INDUSTRIAL GRINDER. 2HP. Variable Speed. (2"x72") **Free Shipping in Canada**

Stephen Bader overbuilds the power plant of their variable speed units.  Unlike the Single Speed models, these ones start with a 3-Phase motor which is backwards converted to single phase 220v.  This gives them un-parallelled low-end torque and durability.  

Built like a tank but purrs like a kitten.  Baders are known as multigenerational machines.  Completely N.American Made. They are very impressive.  I smile every time I turn one on.

Qualifies for our *Free Canadian Wide Shipping Program* (some rules apply).  Plus:  anything else ordered can ship at the same time for Free.

The easy-to-use tracking system and the ability to quickly change between a variety of useful accessories makes the BIII the most versatile bench model available.

  • Dream quick and easy tracking
  • Auto tension
  • the Original 'Quick-change' attachments
  • Accepts contact wheels 1/2”- 14”-inch OD.
  • Comes as shown.  Optional attachments available.
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