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Avanti PLR Steel Horseshoes - Unclipped

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The AVANTI Steel PLR horseshoes are designed to fit the foot in a balanced fashion around the widest part (which is essentially the center of rotation of the coffin joint).

In addition to balancing the shoe around the coffin bone, the AVANTI shoe incorporates an optimized leverage reduction design that will help reduce excessive strain and forces on many of the tendon, ligament, and soft tissue structures in & around the coffin joint and navicular area.

A similar shoe is the Italian Colleoni Aluminum TR shoe, which allows greater mechanical advantage with its therapeutically progressive break-over.  Both share a pronounced inside rim facilitating break-over in all directions (like a PLR (flat), PLR (wedged), or Colleoni's Full Rolling Aluminum), but with increased traction.    

Special Design Features:

  • Optimal leverage reduction design (popular PLR design with a higher inner rim for medial/lateral movements).
  • Gradual Tapered Ridges help control break-over resistance in arena surfaces.
  • Hoof-to-Shoe centering markers.
  • Convex radius inner rim for optimal traction and reduced weight.
  • Well-seated out past the toe-quarters to eliminate the chance of sole pressure.
  • Heels have been pre-boxed.
  • Center punch mark in heels for easy drilling & tapping for studs.

In cases of minor lameness issues caused by excessive strain, leverage, and/or hoof distortions, the AVANTI shoes incorporate many features that have proven to help relieve or overcome these lameness problems.

Sizing Available in Fronts Only 

  • Front 000 (3x0)= 4.25" Wide x 4.44" Long 
  • Front 00(2x0)  = 4.50" Wide x 4.69" Long
  • Front 0     = 4.75" Wide x 4.94" Long 
  • Front 1     = 5.00" Wide x 5.19" Long 
  • Front 2     = 5.25" Wide x 5.44" Long
  • Front 3     = 5.50" Wide x 5.69" Long
  • Front 4     = 5.75" Wide x 5.94" Long
  • Front 5     = 6.00" Wide x 6.19" Long
  • Front 6     = 6.25" Wide x 6.44" Long (Size not available yet)
Sold per pair (2 shoes). 10 pairs = 1 box.


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