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Anvil Brand 'The Knife' Long Handle

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One of the most popular knives on the market. 'The Knife' hoof knife has a longer handle than the regular model. This allows for good leverage with a secure safe grip. The blade is easy to sharpen and is made from quality steel originating from the US, or imported from Japan. The blade is heat treated to consistent hardness on the Rockwell 'C' Hardness Scale, and sharpened to the bottom of the drop.


  • Long Handle: 5 1/2" Long x 1 1/4" Wide.
  • Drop Blade: approx 2 3/4" Long x 3/8" Wide

Styles Available:

  • Left Hand, and Right Hand.

'The Knife' is guaranteed by Anvil Brand as all their knives are hand sharpened one at a time at Anvil Brand.

Made in the USA.

Sold individually.


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