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ACR Ergopad Blue Support Pads

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The Blue Ergopad from ACR preforms as both a frog support, and pour pad. This pad is ideal for horses that have low soles or low heels. Shock absorbent, and made from slightly translucent material so you can monitor the injection of any silicone/hoof packing.


  • Shaped for the hoof, with a convex area next to the sole.
  • The two 'ovals' on either side of the frog, fit into the crevice forming a pocket for your preferred silicone or hoof packing.
  • The section of pad covering the frog & sole is thinner than the rest, allowing better sole descent during impact of the horses' stride.
  • The two non-return injection ports located on either side of the frog allow mixing tips to inject your preferred silicone/hoof packing.
  • The pad increases in thickness from the toe to the heel, for durability during sideways movement of the heel. Also prevents premature wearing.
  • The pad thickens up at the end near the quarter, protecting the bar area.

Made in France.

Sold per pair (2 pads).


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