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4140 Tool Steel 2" Round Bar -Various Lengths

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4140 steel is a hardenable tool steel alloy popular for Hammers, Tomahawks, Gears, Shafts, Bolts, Crankshafts, and Piston Rods in industries from aerospace to agriculture.

It has great versatility.  4140 is highly formable (ductile) when annealed (unhardened), yet can be hardened and tempered to a wide range of hardness, tensile, torsion, strength, impact, and abrasion characteristics. 

Tougher than most carbon steels it is highly weldable before heat treating.

Though often called a ChroMoly alloy because of its chromium and molybdenum. it is also high in manganese and carbon. 

Hardened 4140 can be annealed by gradually cooling after being heated to 1600°F.

4140 can be drawn into a thin wire or used for its exceptional tensile strength and hardened to withstand a loading of 95,000 psi.

4140 can also be case hardened by quenching at 1375 rather than 1575°F.

Some lengths of 4140 may be turned and polished, and others have a hot-rolled finish.

4140 Steel Round bar is also available in 2.5" Diameterand Misc Sizes.  Steel Bar Steel is also available in 1045 , and in mild steel.

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