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3rd Millennium Frog Support Pads

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These pads are manufactured from clear elastomeric polyurethane that is ultra-tough and can be reset several times.

The "Chevron" Style molded frog support provides extra grip when needed.

The clarity of the material allows you to accurately position the frog support, and in turn, helps support the bony column of the horse via the frog and digital cushion.

Best used in conjunction with the 3rd Millennium  P3 support system to prevent the ingression of debris and provide support over the entire surface area of the hoof.

Available in 4 sizes:

  • Small =  4 3/4” wide with a 6 mm depth section of frog support.
  • Medium = 5 3/4” wide with an 8 mm depth section of frog support.
  • Large = 6 3/4” wide with a 10 mm depth section of frog support.
  • Xtra Large  = 7" with a 10 mm depth section of frog support.

You want the frog support to actually bear the load on the ground.

NOTE: If you use an 8 mm section shoe on a large foot that requires the large pad, then you should rasp the frog support down from 10 mm to the same depth as the shoe, so as not to exert an excessive load on that area.

Made in the UK.

Sold per pair (2 pads).

Sold per pair (2 pads).


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