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3D Hoof Pad Full Mesh - Flat

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The 3D Hoof Pad Full Mesh flat pad (by Jim Blurton - UK) is designed for maximum protection and support, preventing the frog from descending the height of the shoe's thickness seeking ground contact, helping prevent internal hoof ligament strain, which can be a precursor to more serious issues

The shoe provides protection, elevation, and traction while the frog support that extends to the ground surface allows for the bio-mechanical benefits of engaging the frog.  Sound horses, at speed, land heel first, the tapered and smooth frog support facilitates a gentle heel loading, permitting the subtle natural glide before the hoof lands flat, and avoids the sudden brake and shock wave caused by most bar shoes.

To be used with a DIM (dental impression material) silicone-based auto curing durable hoof pack material such as FootPro DIM or SoundHorse DIM, available in a variety of firmness's measured in 'durometers'.  Durometers between 20 to 30 are most commonly used in performance situations, though softer (10) and firmer (40-50) durometer silicone is helpful in specific recovery circumstances.  

Note - similar pads with sole 'cut outs' are available which may afford additional traction by increasing the depth 'dirt pack'.  When the shape of those rim-type pads does not fit the shape of your horse's hoof, these full pads can be adapted during fitting with the toes cut out specifically to fit the shape of the hoof.

Sizes Available: Width x Length

  • Size 4 =147mm (5.8") x 142mm (5.6")
  • Size 5 = 156mm (6.1") x 151mm (5.9")
  • Size 6 = 170mm (6.7") x 165mm (6.5")
  • Size 7 = 190mm (7.4") x 183mm (7.2") Not yet available

Sold per pair (2 pads).


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