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3000°F+ High Density Firebricks Super Thin (0.9" thick) - Arriving in December

At 7/8" thick, these bricks are our SUPER thin cut high-density high alumina firebricks.  (Only 0.9 inch or 2.2 cm thick). (Typical is 1.25")

Ideal Sacrificial Bricks as replaceable forge floor liners.

Rated to over 3000°F. 

Our custom Super-thin cuts are industry cult classics. 

The thin profile takes up less room, time, and energy to reach welding heat.  These strong, thin firebricks are much stronger and denser than porous 'IFB's or Insulating bricks.'  Heavy bricks act as a heat sink, and these extra thin bricks heat faster saving time and fuel.

Our Dense bricks are selected and tested to ensure optimal flux resistance (used for forge welding & Damascus billets) compared to many identically looking bricks available, making them well-suited as protective forge floor trays.

ETA - NOTE: Orders with these bricks will ship once we've caught up with making them, but ordering them now gets you your place in the order queue.  We expect to have all orders filled by mid-December.  If you want products shipped without delay, just until we've caught up with orders, consider ordering these bricks on their own, or call the shop with directions.


Applying ITC 100 HT is a great way to reflect heat away from the brick and into the forge.  Increase efficiency, and accelerate heat times.**

Now Available - Order your extra Thin Split Brick with ITC-100 reflective coating pre-applied to one side of your brick(s)


  • 9" Long x 4.5" Wide x 7/8" Thick

Bricks are sold individually.  Dense Firebricks are also available in 1.25", 2.5", and 3" thickness profiles.


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