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3000° F High Density Firebricks Super Thin (0.9" thick)

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At 7/8" thick, these bricks are our thinnest cut high-density high alumina firebricks.  (Only 0.9 inch or 2.2 cm thick).

Ideal Sacrificial Bricks as replaceable forge floor liners.

Rated to 3000°F. 

Our custom extra thin cuts are industry cult classics. 

The thin profile takes up less room and takes less time and energy to achieve welding heats.  These are strong, dense firebricks, and are heavier than the more porous 'insulating bricks'.

Both bricks are MUCH more flux resistant (used for forge welding & Damascus billets) than ceramic wool insulation products.


Applying ITC 100 HT is a great way to reflect heat back from the brick, into the forge, increasing efficiency even further, speeding up heating times to max welding temps.


  • 9" Long x 4.5" Wide x 7/8" Thick

Bricks are sold individually.  Dense Firebricks are also available in 1.25", 2.5", and 3" thickness profiles.


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