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3000°F High Density Split Firebricks Thin (1.25")

Heavy-duty, high alumina firebricks that are half the thickness of our 2.5" brick.  High-density and durable with good chemical and atmosphere resistance.

Rated to 3000°F. Popular as a replaceable forge floor, or as sliding doors at the front or rear forge opening, and for durable brick lining the inside of a fireplace, or firebox, whether wood, coke, coal, propane, or natural gas.    

Special:  We also have VERY Thin custom split bricks only 0.9" thick made of the same material, but a little thinner and lighter, and have become a favorite sacrificial floor liner.

Both bricks are MUCH more flux resistant (used for forge welding & Damascus billets) than ceramic wool insulation products.

Tip: Applying ITC 100 HT is a great way to reflect heat back from the brick, into the forge. It prevents having the brick act as a heat sink as the forge heats. 


  • 9" Long x 4.5" Wide x 1.25" Thick

Bricks are sold individually.


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