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3/4" threaded Arbour Shaft Extension

This is usually a made-to-order item and if not in stock takes 3-4 weeks for us to receive. 

A simple, well-made, tool steel shaft extender that fits over a 3/4" diameter arbour /shaft (such as on some 1HP and larger grinders), with a 3/4" threaded end and nut.

Used to hold grinding wheels further away from the motor body to allow greater tool clearance and positioning room.  The unit is secured to the original shaft with two small set screws.  

A simple and effective device that can improve the functionality and safety of your grinder.

Depending on installation placement and wheel positioning it usually extends the business end 2 to 2-1/2".  

These extensions are also an alternative to re-threading your arbour if the original threads on your grinder's shaft have been damaged, as this fit as an oversleeve and are not reliant on the existing threads for installation.


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