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AR-500 Strong Castable - VESUVIUS

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A Versatile Dense Castable (150 lb/ cubic foot), Strong (2500-3500 psi). Low Iron (0.7%) Abrasion abrasion-resistant castable engineered for Hand Casting and Vibration Assisted Casting.  (It's not quite self-levelling and will not flow, but it can vibration / tamper cast by hand into place or forms.)

A low 5% water (by weight) is recommended for mixing.  Power mixing is advised to minimize the mixing time needed, which should be 4-7 minutes.  Working time is approximately 20 min.

Mixing Tip and Casting Link is coming soon.  Ensure all castables are warmed at room temperature (for a few days if they'd been frozen), allowed to set for two days, and then conduct the dry-out heat cure within a month.  Gradually heat the casting over at least 12 hours (longer is fine) to evaporate all water.  AVOID creating steam, which will cause micro fractures and weaken your casting.  Increasing the temp by 100°F per hour is ideal.  Never allow a casting to freeze before it is heat-cured.

I always advise adding SS refractory needles to the mix if you want added durability, strength, and crack resistance.  With these needles installed, any cracks are quickly filled because they don't become unstable.  

If you need an even stronger, higher temperature castable, consider RescoBond 3000G ($$$) (though being the gunnable version, it sets quickly), or a Strong Self Levelling Castable like GreenKleen 60+($$).  KS4V+ ($+) and the Quicker Setting Variant KS4VGR+($) are both versatile medium density (better insulating) 2600°F hand packable castables.



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