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200 lb SCOTT Anvil - the MIGHTY BOY (USA) - Available to Order

SCOTT ANVILS are professional quality alloyed steel anvils poured, finished and tempered in the USA to exacting standards.  By having more weight centred near the striking axis, the anvils have the feel of a larger, heavier anvil. 

We recently bought EVERY SCOTT Anvil available at the Factory.  ... We've pre-sold most of them, and recently sold the last 200 lb Mighty Boy.   The 250 lb Big Boy and the 200 lb Legend Anvils are still available.  Or special order this Mighty Boy.

The anvils are en route, but many are already selling out.  Do you know the anvil you want? 

If you do, and if we have it available, I suggest picking it up as they are fleeting stock items these days, often sold prior to arriving.

Message us anytime to be notified of the next castings availability in the next few months.

 This is a Professional Shop anvil is a Traditional pattern with a beautiful Round Horn and a strongly supported Squared Heel making it a favourite of both professional blacksmiths and farriers alike. 

**  Free $50 Gift Card for every Mighty Boy purchase paid by Debit, Cash or E-Transfer.


  • Weight:  200 lbs
  • Base:  11.5 x 10.75"
  • Face:  17.75 x 4.625"
  • Horn:  9 x 4.25"
  • Height:  12.25"
  • Hardie Hole:  1"
  • Pritchel Hole:  5/8"
  • Overall Length:  29"
  • Foot Holes for Bolts:  5/8"


**  Limited Availability:  The Anvils are en route and will arrive in the next few days.  Most are sold already, and the few left may sell before they arrive (don't delay if you know what you want).

VIDEO TIP:  How to Dress the Edges of your new anvil -  We recommend 'dressing' the anvil edges to a slight radius to help prevent dings and chips from off strikes.  (Video Coming Soon).

**  Select 'In Store Pick Up' at check-out because 250 is too heavy to send by courier.  We have excellent trucking partners and can get quotes to ship by LTL whenever delivery is needed.  Shipping is usually surprisingly affordable.


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