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GE NIPPERS (& ICAR) special Order - Availability to order is ending!

Hi if you want a set of GE nippers please be sure to order them online asap.  They won't be available in a few hours.   (ICAR - Italian ORDER/ Sale Now too).


GE Nippers Event – last hours to order GE nippers.  

Shipping tomorrow, arriving next week.


GE 14” Classic Nippers

GE 15” Classic Nippers


GE 12” Nippers - Easy

GE 14” Nippers - Easy

GE  15” Nippers – Easy


GE 14” Race Nippers

GE 14” Race Nippers - Easy


ICAR Hoof Nippers made in Italy

(all ICAR Nippers have the stronger ‘easy’ neck style):


ICAR 10” Foal One Hand (Spring) Nipper


ICAR 12” Race Nipper

ICAR 14” Race Nipper


ICAR 14” Mid Size Head Nipper


ICAR 14” Smithy Nipper

ICAR 15” Smithy Nipper

ICAR 16” Smithy Nipper


ICAR Special Handles are Available as ADD Ons with a Tool:


Pirates, Gold, Black, Black & Silver, Gold & Black, Canadian Flag (Maple Leaf), Pink Hearts, Camo.



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