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Unicorn Drive In Studs - each

Unicorn Drive in studs for traction. These studs are designed and manufactured in Canada with tungsten inserts for great wearability. They are coated with yellow dichromate to prevent rust.

Note: with drill bit sizing, there is a difference with 1/4" drill bits. Use the F 1/4" drill bit that is 0.257 diameter. 

Stud Style  Dimensions Drill bit
UD-00000 3/16" diameter, 5/8" total length 5/32"
UD-0000 1/4" diameter, 5/8" total length 5/32"
UD-000 3/8" diameter, 1/2" total length 3/16"
UD-00p 3/8" diameter, 3/4" total length 1/4"
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