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3D Hoof Pad Eclipse - Flat

The 3D Hoofcare Eclipse Flat-Pad (by Jim Blurton - UK) is lightweight for racing and speed where optimizing traction is important. It helps prevent sore heels by supporting the frog from descending to the ground. The shoe provides protection, elevation, and traction while the frog support that extends to the ground surface allows for the bio-mechanical benefits of engaging the frog.  Sound horses, at speed, land heel first, the tapered and smooth frog support facilitates a gentle heel loading, permitting the subtle natural glide before the hoof lands flat, and avoids the sudden brake and shock wave caused by most bar shoes.

While the sole cutouts afford optimal dirt pack and traction, if the hoof is abnormally shaped the rim pad may not align ideally with the contour of the hoof wall/ shoe. In such cases remember a full pad from Michael Puhl or the Full Mesh 3D covers the sole and can always be custom cut at the time of fitting for the same effect while maintaining an optimal fit.

Note there are variances of this pad allowing moldable quick-setting cushioning silicone 'Dental Impression Material' to be installed between the pad and the frog ensuring the sulci of the frog do not pack with dirt.  

Sizes available:

  • Size 3 Width = 134mm (5.5"), Length = 130mm (5.1")

Sold per pair (2 pads).


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