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Forge Coke (premium) - 50 lb. Bag


Maximum heat, famously clean burning, and low clinker. Premium Metallurgical COKE burns much hotter and cleaner than coal. Especially processed and sized for use in blacksmith and farrier forges.

This is the official coke of some of the best blacksmithing and farrier organizations on the continent, and a favorite for competition settings. 

  • Sized at 1/4 x 1 inch (max 5% plus 1 inch, 12% minus 1/8 inch).
  • Carbon 91%
  • Vol. 1%
  • Ash 8%
  • Sulfur 0.7%
  • Moisture 12% to 18 % mac.

Despite tariffs and fees having gone up this year, we are keeping our pricing the same as last year for as long as we can.

Bulk Orders: When buying a full pallet of 40 bags you save $5 per bag! 

  • 40 bags = one full pallet, or 1 tonne = 2000 lbs.  
  • Simply add 40 bags to your cart and add the code: "coke40" at check out.  
  • If you select in-store pick up we can load the pallet on your trailer.
  • If shipping is required, we can source out the best trucking to anywhere in Canada. 

Made in the USA.

Don't hesitate to give us a call: 1-888-470-0010.


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