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JHM Blacksmith Basic Anvil - 70 lb

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The "Blacksmith Basic" is the smallest of JHM's professional anvil series. 

Made from an Alloyed cast or ductile Steel (NOT Cast Iron), this is a "works horse" anvil that has a great work surface.

We ship worldwide because of its quality. JHM Anvils are known to last a lifetime. 

Used for horseshoes, knifemaking, and light blacksmithing. The 70 lb is perfect as a "mobile" anvil for farriers on the go.

This anvil has a 3" tapered heel and turning cams for bending steel.


  • Overall Length = 20.5"
  • Height = 9"
  • Face = 12.25" x 3.75"
  • Horn = 8"
  • Hardie Hole = 1"
  • Pritchel Hole = .50"
  • Base = 8.5" x 9"

Made in the USA.

Sold individually.

NOTE:  We have sold hundreds of JHM anvils and have never had a single complaint or warranty issue.  I have done metallurgical assays on the anvils and I personally Rockwell Test every lot of anvils received for peace of mind nothing has escaped being tempered properly (…an issue with some OTHER manufacturers…)


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