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Muslin Buffing - Polishing & Sharpening Wheel - 8"

8-inch diameter Muslin Wheel - A durable firm contact blending, buffing, polishing and sharpening wheel.  Made sewing 70 plies of cotton sheets tightly together with a continuous spiral stitching pattern.

Great for polishing larger tools and sharpening rasps. 

  • Use course compound for sharpening Rasps / Files.
  • Dimensions: 9/16 to 7/9" thick, 1/2" arbor hole.


  • Consider mounting this and any other wheels on your bench motor quickly, without any tools using a speedy wheel change spiral arbour adapter by Londerry Forge (UK) available to fit 1/2" & 3/4"arbour shafts either left or right-sided.

Sold individually.


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