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Baldor Grinder Motor

Baldor industrial quality grinder is the workhorse of the industry. **Motor Only** attachments pictured are sold separately.

This unit is sold with no attachments (motor only) allowing you to add the attachments that will work best for you. The FootPro Expander Wheels with guard (shown in photo) (6" and 10") mount with no adapters necessary. Also, view the FootPro Grinder attachments(for 2" x 36" or 48" belts).

  • 3600 rpm
  • 120v. 
  • Available in 1/2 hp and 3/4 horsepower.
  • The 1/2 HP motor's arbor is 1/2" in diameter and the 3/4 HP motor's arbors are 5/8" in diameter.

Note: If not in stock your pre-order purchase will ship upon receipt in 3-4 weeks(typical).  Consider ordering 'pre-order' items independently, otherwise, your cart will ship together upon the motor's arrival.  Call with Any Questions.

Made in the USA.

Options (links coming soon, call for details if interested).

Shaft extension, approx 2" long, with a standard 5/8" threaded end.

** Contact Us if you need an arbor extension.  They are available to fit 1/2", 5/8", and even 3/4" diameter arbors.  Available with standard threaded ends, as on the original arbors, and as 'spiral-speed-arbors' to swap buffing wheels with lightning speed without tools.  Having the wheels further from the motor housing gives you more room for positioning the parts you are fitting.

Speed Spiral shaft extension for swapping buffing/sisal/muslin etc. wheels, without tools, in seconds.

An open style heavy duty side shield for wheels up to 6, or 10" diameter.

An enclosed 8" side shield with tool rest and eye shield. 

IMPORTANT:  If you purchase a Baldor Motor when it is out of stock, yours will ship upon receipt of our next order, which, ranges from 2-8 weeks with this distributor.  Orders containing pre-ordered items are held and shipped together.  Consider ordering 'pre-ordered' items separately if you want the other items in your cart shipped immediately.  Call with Any Questions.


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