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GE's CLASSIC 14" Race Track Hoof Nipper *(Stock Arrival ~ July 19th - limited)

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GE Nippers Arrival ~ July 19th - limited

The G.E. 14" Race Track Nipper head is smaller in design, with a finer cutting edge than the 14" Classic Nipper. Farriers working on running and performance horses find this nipper works best.

  • Drop forged from chrome vanadium steel. Combining durability with maximum wear resistance.
  • The blades are aligned and sharpened by G.E. professionals, delivering a precision nip time after time. 

The CLASSIC Race Track is 14" long. 

It's a light tool, easy to use all day long.

Note:  The nipper is also available as the 14" EZ (Easy) Hoof Nipper style by GE. (Beefing up the reins near the rivet and shortening the bite fractionally for added mechanical advantage.


GE Nippers Arrival ~ July 19th - limited


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Backed by G.E. Forge's stellar warranty. Any product failing to meet G.E. standards needs to be reported to G.E. Forge & Tool by filling out the warranty form on their website: geforge.com/warranty-review

Made in the USA.


** Have an old pair of Quality Nippers that just don't get the job done anymore?  Drop your dull Nippers off for our FULL REBUILD or REFRESH Services.


NOTE: ICAR Italian Nippers have a Big Sale Event.  Optional special coatings.



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