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Sairset 3000/Vesuvius Super 3000 #26 - Refractory Mortar

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Sairset 3000 and Vesuvius Super 3000 are wet, high-strength, air-setting fireclay refractory mortars rated to 3100°F. They are considered interchangeable and we have stock on either or both depending upon availability and pricing.


  • Ideal troweling characteristics for mortar joints in brick linings
  • Can be field-adjusted to dipping consistency with the addition of water.

Common Applications:

  • Laying high-duty, super-duty, high-fired super-duty, and 50% alumina firebrick.
  • Used as a brick joint mortar, repairing cracks/joints in boilers, industrial furnaces, kilns, flues, and stacks.
  • Ideal as a general-purpose refractory mortar.

Application Methods:

  • Ready to use/apply as is, or can be mixed with water to thin it out.
  • Some will opt to take a shallow container and mix a little water with it and then dip the bricks in to get a thin, even coating on contact surfaces before stacking.

To Note:

  • Only apply evenly to the contact surfaces of your refractory bricks, not the wall.
  • Only apply a thin layer up to 1/16'' of depth max. It has a thinner consistency, not thick like regular mortar.
  • Sairset 3000 can also be used to seal up cracks.


Since this is an air-set mortar (does not require heat to set). If you have any leftovers it's important to really seal them up. It's recommended that you add a light skim of water on top of the Sairset, put the lid on tight, then wrap around the lid with electrical tape or similar.

If stored in room temp conditions it should last a long time. Remember to mix well prior to using it again.

Sizes Available:

  • 1/2 Pint Jar
  • 1 Pint Jar      = 2 1/4 lbs = 6 Bricks (on average).
  • 1 Gallon Pail = 18 lbs = 48 Bricks (on average).
  • 55 lb Pail       = 142 Bricks (on average).

Click here for the SDSand Technical Data Sheet.


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