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No. 36 Refractory Mortar

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No. 36 refractory cement is a very strong, air-setting 3200°F refractory mortar.  It comes premixed in ready-to-use pails (from 1/4, 1/2, 1 pint, to 1 & 2-gallon pails).

It can be used as:

  • the structural mortar between bricks,
  • surface repair/patching compound in forges, kilns, ovens, and foundries.
  • though other products like ITC 213 and Satinite are more popular, No 36 mortar can also be used to create Hammon lines on knife blades.
  • It is a very fine grain structure and is easily trowelled.

A small amount of water can be added and thoroughly mixed if a softer, more fluid consistency is desired.

No. 36 Mortar (Magic Mortar 36) contains 67% Alumina, and its special binders give it nearly twice the compressive strength of the general-purpose refractory mortar 'SAIRSET', and it offers greater flux resistance.   


  • Wet Mortar 780 psi
  • 1.2% Iron
  • High strength 67% Alumina
  • Air setting
  • Rated to 3200°F

Click here for Technical Data Sheet and Installation Instructions + SDS.


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