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Kast-O-Lite 30 LI G+ 3000°F Refractory Castable

FYI - We have more refractories in stock than we have online.  Occassionally a supplier runs low on a product we usually keep in stock, and if our inventory is low, sometime we find alternatives.  If you get in a pickle send us an email with your project details ( or send Sean a quick text @ 780-974-4309 and he'll call you back promptly (he tries!).  Sometimes Sean has a secret stash too.

Kast-O-Lite 30 LI G is a lightweight, insulating gunning castable rated to 3000°F. It has great insulating qualities similar to the Kast-O-Lite LI 30 PLUS however, it has a higher lime content. This means it sets up/hardens quicker (10 minute work time) compared to Kast-O-Lite 30 LI Plus' (30 minute work time).


  • Excellent strength for a lightweight refractory.
  • High alumina, and low iron content = good flux resistance.
  • Very Low thermal conductivity (slightly lighter than standard KOL-30-Li+)
  • Slight better vertical wall and ceiling applications than standard KOL-30-Li+.  

Common Applications:

Versatile.  You can make formed castings, apply it freehand or with a trowel or you can apply it over stiffened refractory wool (ie Kaowool) to impart a durable protective layer.

If covering refractory wool with KOL, 'rigizidize' the wool first to prevent its compression and simplify the application. 

RIGIDIZER is a silica spray resembling water that permanently stiffens wool once its been sprayed and 'fired'.  (Tip - orderfreeze-proof' rigidizer if there is a risk of freezing during storage or transport).

KastOLite 30 LI G + Castable is about 50% less dense than 'DENSE' castables like KS-4V dense castable which is popular for Pizza Ovens and Ribbon Burners.

Kast O Lite 30 Li G is Available In:

  • 2 lb Jar
  • 10 lb (1 gallon pail)
  • 20 lb (2 gallon pail)
  • 55 lb Bag


Once cured, Kast-O-Lite can be coated with ITC 100 HT to optimize forge efficiency, or with ITC 296A for improved flux resistance.

Click here for the SDS and the technical data sheet.

Click here for Kast-O-Lite application instructions.


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