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ITC 213 Ceramic Coating for Metal (Oxidization Barrier)

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ITC 213 ceramic coating protects metal and stainless steel from oxidizing, eroding, and fatigue, at forging heats and even in contact with molten metal.

Use both as a temporary coating when heat-treating steel, in knifemaking to create a Hamon patterned knife blade, and in long-term applications to protect metals.  It's useful to protect the likes of forge mouth steel edges which otherwise famously corrode from hot combustion gas exhaust.

ITC-213 is rated to 3500°F, multiples higher than 'high heat' BBQ or manifold paints, which burn up long before reaching forging heat.


  • A little goes a long way. (1/2 pint covers 12 sq. ft)
  • ITC-213 Coated metal can not be welded.
  • Available in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1-pint jars.

Coating plate steel with ITC-213 reduces heat conduction by 300°F (at forging heat).

When ITC-213 is applied and top-coated with ITC-296A, the heat loss between the hot and cold faces of 1/8" thick steel is reduced by 1050°F.

Water-soluble.  To activate mix 3 parts ITC 213 with 1 part water.  Kept in a sealed container and not allowed to freeze ITC-213 is stable for over a year.

Click here for Application Instructions and Safety Data Sheet.

Canadian Forge sells only the authentic N. American Engineered ITC Ceramic Coatings.  Counterfit foreign substances have appeared, disguised with fake ITC labels.  We use ITC coatings for safety and efficiency.  Don't be fooled.


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