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3000°F+ High Density Fire Bricks

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High-density high heat tolerant Firebricks rated from 3000 to 3150°F.

These bricks are structurally strong and will not melt under forge weld temperatures. These are not insulating bricks

NOTE: not all firebricks that look the same are the same.  In the image below compare two different, but similar-looking bricks coated and heated for 6 hours with a few ounces of welding flux.  Our super-duty bricks were fine, the generic bricks, rated to the same heat, were completely deformed and cracked from the Flux.  Don't be fooled by appearances and superficial claims.  Not all firebricks are the same.  We use thin Super firebricks as sacrificial bricks so chemicals (fluxes) don't destroy the main structure.

Sizes available

  • 9” x 4.5” x 2.5" weighing 8.0 lb. each
  • 9” x 4.5” x 3” weighing 9.5 lb. each
  • Split Bricks & Custom Cut Bricks are also available on request


Applying ITC 100 HT is a great way to reflect heat away from the brick, into the forge. It prevents the brick from acting as a 'heat sink' as the forge heats up. 

Contact us to have firebricks cut to size or custom thickness. We now offer Split Dense Bricks in 3 different thicknesses.

Note:  although classic clay bricks are fired in a kiln and can handle considerable temperatures when the heat is constant, they can't handle thermal cycling.  The differential expansion stresses of heating and cooling cause standard bricks to progressively microfracture to the point of failure.  One of the principal characteristics of refractory bricks is their ability to withstand differentials in thermal expansion.

Sold individually


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