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REGULATOR - Best In Class - High Flow - CSA approved Gas/Propane.

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This is our favorite & most popular regulator.  It can move 2 million BTUs of propane per hour, outperforming many regulators over twice its size and price.  It has three standard 1/4" NPT Female ports for universal functionality.  The top port has a brass cap that can be removed to hold a pressure gauge.  The other two ports are for the input and output lines.

A precision dial offers precise flow adjustments; its fine control can save you from needing a needle valve in most applications.  The brass thumb dial can secure and lock the flow rate at any setting.

Note:  We also sell this regulator in popular pre-assembled configurations.  That assembly comes as a complete top end plug and play assembly including a ball valve for instant shut-off safety, a pre-installed POL propane tank fitting, and Pressure Gauges in either 15 or 30 psi (dependent upon ribbon burner or venturi applications respectively) configured in an easy to see viewing angle, plus Left-Hand thread 9/16 adapters installed on the end of the assembly, ready to receive a standard propane hose and go to work.


  • 0-60 RANGE
  • 1/4 FPT (Female pipe thread x 3 ports)
  • High Capacity - 2 Million BTU/ hour.
  • ADJUSTABLE in Fine Increments.
  • Output dial easily 'locked' with a brass speed thumb dial.
  • Compact form factor.
  • Port for optional gauge intuitively positioned on the top.


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