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3200°F FIREBRICKS SP-85 - ULTRA DUTY - 9" x 4.5" x 2.5"

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With 85% Alumina, these SP-85 Bricks are suitable for above and beyond Refractory Projects.

Stronger and Heavier than even Super-Duty Bricks.

These bricks are designed for heavy abrasion and hard service.  Incredibly strong and capable of withstanding nearly 16,000 psi of pressure, they are also dense, and at 181 lbs per cubic foot, they can be an effective heat sink when required.

You'll need a Diamond Saw (for bricks) to cut all Dense Refractory Bricks.  (If you need help with cuts in advance please let us know.  We have the original Italian Radial Table Wet Diamond Saw used to build West Edmonton Mall in our shop and I've rebuilt it with a custom incremental jig for brick slices in 16th of an inch and a larger Blade and cutting system.)

Sometimes I like using thin slices of these bricks as a wear plate or where abrasion protection is needed without needing the full brick thickness.

Note that while strong, Dense Firebricks are heavy.  While they are a great heat reservoir they can also take a lot of energy and time to get hot.  This is an important consideration in designing a forge, furnace, or oven.  The classic ovens that run 24 x 7 do great with the thermal mass, but for faster heat and recovery times in a small forge, lighter insulating firebricks (IFBs) are almost as efficient as wool at insulating.

Note - there is still enough porosity in these bricks to allow reflective coatings like ITC100 to be applied on the fireside of the brick to help reflect heat back into the firebox.


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