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3000°F+ Dense SPLIT Firebricks

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Rated to 3000°F, these dense, high alumina, strong firebricks are popular when a hard, durable abrasion and flux-resistant refractory surface is needed without the mass or bulk of standard bricks. 

Split Bricks have all the surface qualities of standard 2.5" and 3.0" thick bricks, but they heat faster and conserve space.  These measure 9.0" x 4.5" inches just like standard refractory bricks and then are split into 3 different thicknesses.

We offer split bricks at 1.25", 0.9", and 0.5" thick.  

 Popular as a replaceable forge floor, or as sliding doors at the front or rear forge opening, and for durable brick lining the inside of a fireplace or firebox, whether wood, coke, coal, propane, or natural gas, especially when using flux building damascus billets or general forge welding. 

These bricks have excellent flux tolerance.  Unlike other bricks that crumble with a single flux exposure, these high-strength, resistant forms are a popular, effective, and affordable way to protect the other surfaces in your forge or furnace.

Tip: Applying ITC 100 HT (5000°F) is a great way to reflect heat from the brick into the forge. It prevents the brick from acting as a heat sink as the forge heats.  Apply it yourself, or purchase the Split Bricks with ITC Coated (1-side) and Baked.

Mortar:  A 1/16" thin coating of ready-to-use Sairset or Vesuvius Super 3000 refractory mortar can be used to bond split bricks in a vertical or horizontal (tiling) application over other more fragile refractory.

History:  Sean purchased the original Italian Diamond Radial Wet Table Saw imported from Europe to construct West Edmonton Mall.  It's been outdoors at a mason's along a small river in remote rural Alberta for decades.  Purchased and hauled back on the coldest day of 2021, it needed a complete overhaul.  Repaired, rebuilt, fortified and enlarged, it now occupies an entire cutting room @ Canadian Forge.  Today, it spins a 20% larger diamond wet blade and runs perfectly with a custom jig built to slice high alumina bricks on edge.  The cut edges are often smoother than the kiln-formed surfaces.

Bricks are sold individually unless indicated.  Please allow for small variations in thickness. 


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