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GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle

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The GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle is designed in Germany and is truly the most comfortable grazing muzzle on the market. It limits grass intake much like a traditional basket muzzle however, it is a much more updated device.

Note: this is the Muzzle ONLYGreenGuard Break Away Halters sold separately.


  • More size options as each muzzle and halter are sold individually and not restricted as a designated set. 
  • Made of non-toxic material that is semi-flexible, durable, and lighter making it more comfortable for the horse.
  • Cooler with a patented open design that allows for unrestricted breathing and drinking.
  • Made of non-toxic material that is semi-flexible, and very durable.
  • Does not absorb or retain moisture, and is easy to clean when necessary. 
  • GreenGuard Grazing Muzzles often last much longer than traditional muzzles because horses aren't constantly trying to remove and destroy them.


  • In-depth fitting instructions come with each muzzle.
  • 4 breakaway safety straps for attaching the muzzle to a safety/breakaway halter.

To Keep in Mind:

This muzzle does have the ability to attach to most standard halters, however, we strongly recommend ONLY using one that has a safety or breakaway.

GreenGuard Halters are specifically designed with your horses' safety in mind. They included a ring on the noseband for easy attachment, a center face strap for stabilization, and a padded nose and crown for comfort. 

Check that the muzzle fits in your horse's water source. Horse and pony-size muzzles may not fit in automatic water systems with a diameter of less than 11 inches.

Your horse will not be able to access a salt/mineral block through the muzzle. If wearing the muzzle for long periods of time, supplements may be necessary.

It is always good practice to check for abnormal teeth wear when using any muzzle. To reduce risk, check weekly and wash regularly to clear away debris like dirt/sand. 

Available Muzzle Sizes:

  • Size Horse (5-inch)
  • Size Pony (4-inch)
  • Size Mini (3.5-inch)

Click here for instructions on How-To Fit a GreenGuard Muzzle.


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