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Heller Red Tang Rasp

The Red Tang was developed for hard and dry hooves. It features small teeth with a more concentrated pattern for an efficient cut in arid environments, or for harder-hooved horses. 

Rasp side:

  • Smaller tooth design.
  • More concentrated tooth pattern, ideal for hard and dry hooves.
  • Developed for dry weather conditions.

File side:

  • File pattern creates efficient removal of the hoof with little effort leaving a smooth surface.

Good to know:

  • Great rasp for everyday use.
  • Suitable for dry weather conditions.
  • The coarse side will take a lot of hoof due to the size of the teeth, so mind this, especially on the dorsal wall.
  • Can leave some lines on the wall, possibly making it useful to combine with the Heller Pro-Finish.
  • Weather = indoor/dry.

Standard 14'' in length.

5  Rasps = 1 Box

Sold individually.


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