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10" Diameter H.Duty Aluminum Wheel Shield for the Baldor 3/4 HP Grinder

This is a made-to-order component and takes 3-6 weeks to arrive at our shop.  This is the identical Guard sold with the 10" FootPro Expander Wheel.

It is secured to the body of the motor with three short bolts (included) which screw directly into the motor's housing.

This is a simple shield and does not have a tool rest or an eye shield, and is an open design to the side.  This style affords maximal flexibility with the positioning of the workpiece, though eye and other appropriate protection should be worn at all times.

This shield is sometimes used over 8" wheels, with 1.5-2" of clearance.  Note a 6" shield is also available upon request.

Made in the USA


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