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3rd Millennium P3 Polyurethane Support System

This is a fast-setting soft, but tough pour-in polyurethane pad. This formula contains silver ions that aid in reducing bacterial growth.

Ideal for horses with flat thin soles & weak thin walls where flaring is common.

Used underneath a pad such as the 3rd Millennium Frog Support Pad to form a custom profiled insole, providing total support and protection to the entire solar area. This helps to maintain a properly functioning healthy frog and makes solar bruising and puncture wounds a thing of the past. Eliminates pressure points and reduces overall pressure by a factor of 3.


  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Provides soft elastic support
  • Re-distributes load uniformly, effectively unloading the walls and particularly the heels which bear the brunt of the impact on landing.
  • Reduces overall pressure, and protects thin soles.
  • Helps eliminate soft heel pain, solar bruising, & collapsed heels.

Size Available:

Made in the UK.

Sold individually.


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