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Ibex Babi-Cuff Foal Extension - ETA here June 20th

Ibex Babi-Cuffs are designed to help correct the following in foals and young horses:

  • Flexural deformities
  • Contracted or collapsed tendons
  • Valgus/varus deviations
  • Medial/lateral hoof growth deformities

The shoe is essentially a cuff with 4 extensions molded upon a small steel egg bar which provides stability and support while allowing adjustment. These shoes are universal and can be placed on the right or left feet. Trim and rasp off the extensions that are not required for the intended correction.

Once the foot is prepped (trimmed, dried, and gently sanded for a lightly textured surface) the shoes can then be glued.  It is recommended to use either a polyurethane, acrylic, or epoxy adhesive.  

Sizing (each size has a small amount of adjustment around 1/4''):

  • Size 1 = 2 1/4'' Heel to Toe and 1 3/4'' Wide
  • Size 2 = 3'' Heel to Toe and 2 1/4'' Wide
  • Size 3 = 3 3/4'' Heel to Toe and 2 3/4'' Wide
  • Size 4 = 4 1/4'' Heel to Toe and 3 1/4'' Wide


Use Equilox for the strongest bond, or an Equimix Adhere Urethane for a faster setting glue, (Superfast or Ultrafast is too fast). Budget a 1-2oz single-use jar of Equilox per foot.

Rapid set glues can heat while curing, especially thickly applied & can scald tiny hooves. Monitor the temp with your hands. A cool damp cloth can be applied to pull out some heat if required.

I like applying Keratex putty(an antiseptic wax) or a hoof packing (with copper sulfate powder added) to the white line & sole to having it sealed with adhesives.

Sold in pairs. The adhesive is sold separately.


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